USB Type-C in Apple MacBook: 10 facts to know

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With the new MacBook Apple introduced the first notebook with USB-C. What you should know about the new standard is summarized below.


The new Apple MacBook is one of the first devices that comes with USB-C (also known as USB 3.1 or USB type-C). This new USB standard will be available in a lot of (hopefully all) tablets, smartphones, computers, monitors and cameras in the near future.


One, to rule them all.
Today, notebooks and desktops are waiting for a wide range of standards. Soon, however, instead of regular USB, Thunderbolt, DisplayPort, VGA, HDMI and even MagSafe, you will only find USB-C sockets-in multiple versions.


Especially in the current transition phase, we will have to look around more often than us with USB C adapters *. But if the manufacturers are demanding, we do not have to wander through the adapter valley for a long time.


USB Type-C-what you should know
USB-C is reversible. Apple’s lightning has shown us a world in which you don’t have to turn plugs three times before they fit into the socket. After 17 years of torment, USB is finally reversible, so it can be plugged in on both sides. Hallelujah.


USB-C is super fast. We’re talking about transfer speeds of up to 10 Gbit/s – just as fast as Thunderbolt 1 and much faster than many SSDs. Even 4k monitors can be played via USB-C. The first generation USB-C is used in the MacBook. Here lies the Übertraungsrate at 5 Gbit/s.


USB-C is compact. The new plug is only a little bit bigger than Apple’s lightning plug, but can do far more. This enables completely new, thinner, lighter and cheaper device designs. And the most important thing: USB-C is only a single Steckerdesign. No 5 different plugs for 8 different application areas. One plug – for everything.


USB-C is powerful. The current versions of USB-C can also be a power cable, but not just for smartphones and tablets. Up to 100 watts (20 volts and 5 Amps) can transmit USB-C. This is more than the MagSafe chargers of the current MacBook pros spend. This means that notebooks, monitors and even smaller desktop computers can be powered via USB-C. A Mac mini with USB-C as a power plug will come out.


USB-C is passive. The new USB standard was specifically designed as a passive cable without integrated electronics. In contrast, a special controller chip is found in each lightning plug. No chip in the cable makes it cheaper. So USB-C will be convenient for both customers and manufacturers. However, it is not surprising that Apple does not stop offering a USB C-to-USB adapter for 20 euro *. # Appletax


USB-C is multifunctional. USB-C can and will replace many connectors. HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA, (old) USB, current, VGA, etc. The new standard can be used as a power cable, monitor cable and, of course, data cable. USB-C will provide all the features of DisplayPort 1.2 a – and more. This allows you to play 4k monitors with resolution 4096 x 2160 pixels at 60 Hz image retry rate.